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Flight instruction in Canada is done by Transport Canada licenced instructors, at gliding sites across Canada.  You can begin training on your first visit if you like!  It only takes about 30 flights with an instructor in two-seat gliders to go solo.  This requires 8-10 flying days.  To go solo, you must fill out a self-declared Category 4 medical form and apply for a Student Pilot Permit.  All of this can be done at your flight training unit.

Once you are sent solo, you then complete another 20 supervised flights to meet the flying requirements of a Glider Pilot Licence.  Now comes the hard part!  You will have to study (ground school) and then pass a Transport Canada examination on the theory, rules, and regulations.  From that point on it's just some more paperwork (and administration fees), until you receive your Aviation Document, your passport to learning more about flying and soaring.  Of course, one of the privileges of a Glider Pilot Licence, is that you can take up other people to experience this wonderful sport.

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